The countdown begins!

One week until Babel Sound Festival!

Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina, Morocco, Chile, Italy and Senegal in one place! Musicians bring you to their countries through the language of music. Are you ready for a journey around the world?

To mention a few artists, the Brazilian Silibrina band comes with upbeat latin jazz, Chalaban from Morocco steps on stage with spiritual african trance. TranceUntes from Spain creates a magical, psychedelic goa with acoustic instruments. The charming voices of Tula Ben Ari from Israel and Maria Mazzotta from Italy will awaken the deepest depths of your soul, while Bandgladesh will bring their own bubble tent from the Netherlands that makes you feel like a child again. One of the biggest highlights of the festival will be the performance of Belonoga, the bulgarian singer who achieved 5th place on the Transglobal World Music Chart.

The festival offers a great variety of programs for children and playful adults alike. Évkerék Társulat awaits you with interactive theatre for children every day, and the cultural tents welcome you with colourful Do It Yourself activities, like venetian mask painting and indian batik. The festival takes place at the coast of the lake at the Platán beach of Balatonboglár, so you can take a dip in the hungarian sea right after swimming in the sea of Babel. The entrance and most of the programs are free.

Find the official Facebook event HERE.