Interview with Naked – after Chile, India and South-Korea, before Brazil.

Following the release by NarRator Records the brand new studio album with a special guest Tal Tula Ben Ari on two bonus songs, the four guys from Belgrade are unstoppable. We spoke with them about the places they have visited and the spirits they have touched.


BabelArts: Introduce your band.


Naked: We are NAKED band from Belgrade, Serbia. Our aim is to bring people together to listen to good live music, to be happy, a little bit sad and also cheerful. We stand in front of you with our naked souls and music and there are no lies. Just a pure honest representation of the world inside and around Us.

We formed the band 11years ago and until now we have released 4 albums with Narrator Records, a record label from Hungary.

BabelArts: Your most interesting tours and impressions so far?


Naked: We can say that every tour is different and magical in many ways. South America is an amazing region, very different from Europe but also very connected with the roots of Europe. Also, great history and surroundings can make you really appreciate the habits and traditions of the people. South Korea was also a cultural shock...very different from European culture. The India tour, a special place in our hearts :)

BabelArts: You just came back from India. How is it to play in such a place for a Balkan band?

Naked: For Us, visiting India is like going back and forward in time at once. Everything is changing and remains the same. We were very impressed by the people, by their reactions to our music, rhythms, melodies...  Many of them approached Us and talked for hours about how we inspired them, trying to find out how we make this beautiful music and what we are thinking while making it... We became family with so many musicians just in seconds. Great appreciation of life, people, and nature – this is our view of India.

Let us look a little at the past here. The Balkan region is in the middle of the East and the West, so many people and cultures' paths crossed each other and left their trace there. So we have a lot of Turkish influence, but for example, the Austrian classical music has influenced us too. Even India! We listened to the radio there and heard many similarities with Balkan music. The singing and the approach is different, but we are very close.

BabelArts: Where did you perform in India and how the audience reacted to your music?

Naked: We played in 3 cities and on 1 festival: Bangalore, Bflat club; Chennai, Vapor, Manapakkam and Rajasthan festival in Thar desert, close to Jaisalmer city in North India. People's reactions were crazy and full of deeper understanding of music. In India, every kid has to learn to play on an instrument and they have classical music education in the school. So they know music and they have an ear for good music :). After our performances we were immediately invited to come to different places and festivals again... so Yes, great experience and amazing reactions and understanding for the sound and music itself.

                      Naked in the Indian Rolling Stone Magazine

BabelArts: Tell us some words about your new release, please. 

Naked: "Yes", the name of our new album is our optimistic approach to life and music. Just say Yes whenever it is hard, whenever you have to make any decisions, or looking back in your life you have to be able to say: Yes, I have done what I felt and what I could do.

   "We are standing on stage in front of you, and we are naked with our souls, and we are giving everything to you, maybe if we put it like this: "sad happiness". "Or happy sadness, "With every other song, we are telling some other story. It's our aim to speak with instruments. This goes to explain why most of our songs have barely any lyrics-as wide as there are forms of music."

  On this release, we have 13 songs all performed by 4 of Us. A beautiful guest and amazing singer from Israel participated on this album. Tal Tula Ben Ari was our guest artist on 2 songs: The Mask and Crossroads. She added an amazing lyrics, singing and feeling to these songs and we are very proud and happy to have her with Us. Our fans will love these songs, for sure :)

BabelArts: Any plans for the future?

Naked: We will not stop in near and far future! This summer is going to be full of great gigs and festivals: Romania, Timisoara - Liberty fest, Culese din Balkani Festival (Bucuresti), Ulm, Danube fest, Colors of Ostrava, Babel Sound, Exit, Brazilian tour in September, Sicily, Slovenia, India in December, Chile in January 2019 and so on and on...So many great places to discover, amazing festivals to play on, and inspiring people to meet.


YES, the new album and tour is out now:)