Art Forum

There is no other music meeting like this. The format and the surroundings of the forum gave mood and time to the participants to build real connections. Without real connections, there is no good business, at least in the world of worthy music.



The Babel Arts participated as a guest and lector at Without Borders conference in Balchik, Bulgaria between 22 and 24 of September 2017. Around 70 music professionals from many countries from America to India took part in this conference and showcase event at the Bulgarian sea beach. We introduced our artists to many festivals and saw interesting acts, which might be seen in the next edition of Babel Sound. Here are some photos, made by the participants of the forum.


Africa and Siberia meet in music


Banyan Tree Events (India) introduce themselves.


Patrick De Loeker (Belgium) mesél

Patrick De Loeker (Belgium) tells his story.


Latif Bolat (Turkey/USA) explains the nature of Sufi music.


The location at night.


Hill-Aina Steffenach (Transform - Trondheim International Festival) Norway.


Emil Biljarski  (BabelArts Budapest) 


Soundcheck at the sea.


Yasen Kazandzhiev, the main organiser of "Without Borders" is satisfied.