Maria Keck, the exceptional flamenco dancer and singer releases her new album

The new album of Maria Keck will be released in October by our partner Narrator Records. The record summarizes the ten-year work of Mária Keck through the Nuestro Aire formation to the De Cobre project. The guiding principle of the singer-dancer-choreographer's life is the flamenco with which she began to deal with in Budapest and which led her through Madrid to many countries in Europe (Germany, England, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania) and Argentina and Japan.

The CD is a result of Maria Keck's artistic creation starting from Nuestro Aire group evolving to De Cobre project. The singer-dancer-choreographer's life swirls around flamenco, an art form that she began to deal with in Hungary and it lad her through Madrid to several European countries (Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania) and to Argentina and Japan as well. The experiences, encounters and musical influences she had in the meantime define the colourful melodies and lyrics of her songs. "I tried to unite through the collaboration of thirteen musicians (Spanish, Hungarian, Argentinian, Moldovian) the enormous musical and personal experience I shared with them and other artists during all these years and that formed my songs step by step to an organic, fine world music that I had the chance to record on this CD." (Maria Keck)