Babel Sound experiences 2016

Between the 19th and24th of July 2016 the Babel Sound Interactive World Music Festival in Balatonboglár/Hungary hosted performers from twenty countries of the world. The main concept of the Festival was to be an interactive meeting point of various cultures. The strongest presence was shown by the Spanish culture: 16 Spanish bands and performances with more than 50 artists took part in the Babel Sound in 2016. A lot of artists appreciated the Festival as the best music event they have ever attended.

Babel Sound experience – Roba Estesa

For us the idea of traveling to Hungary to share our music seemed great right from the first moment.  As a band we had never participated in a festival abroad before, so even just as an experience it was worth trying.

The reception at the Babel Sound was exceptional, we had the opportunity to give a concert next to the iconic Lake Balaton and another one in the most important city of the country, Budapest. We enjoyed a great hospitality at both locations, the organizers provided us with everything we needed without any problems.

Photo credit: Sara Estalella

The Babel Sound has been much more than a concert, as it also has been a great opportunity to share our music, to learn from great musicians, to exchange ideas, to play together and to improve ourselves not only as musicians, but also from personal aspect. Being connected with people from all around the world has further enriched us, and through this great experience we have received the opportunity to learn and share in a place like Hungary.

In Hungary we could enjoy great concerts, seminars, workshops, and other activities, so our band has been present from the beginning of the festival. The organizers took good care of all of us, so thank you for the good treatment and hospitality.

In short, an experience that we hope we can repeat in order to develop even further and to continue creating and cultivating something as important within the culture, as music

Experience at Babel Sound – Tati Cerviá & Sepharazz Mishpaha

I have participated in Babel Sound 2016 at the Lake Balaton as manager of the group "Sepharazz Mishpaha", which was invited to this year's Festival edition.

Being with about 80 music groups of a high artistic level and attending at scheduled concerts and numerous jam sessions arising at any moment in the center of the Festival have been very enriching. I insist on the high musical level of the groups on schedule and representatives of many musical styles.

I appreciate the kindness and welcoming behavior of the organizers and the whole staff of the Festival. We experienced a good atmosphere every day that we spent there.

My group "Sepharazz Mishpaha" gave two concerts: first time at the Festival in Balatonboglár, then also at Balatonszemes' summer concert series.

I also had the opportunity to meet the Ambassador of Spain in Hungary, to talk for a few minutes with him and to give him a CD of my jazz and Sephardic group.

Sofia Soto Ramos