A whole night of live world, greek and mediterranean music at Tradicionarius!

On April 13 at the Center Artesà Tradicionàrius a new trio of fantastic bands took over our senses in the 4th edition of the Babel Nights Barcelona festival.

To start the musical menu we enjoyed the delicious taste of the Trio Feta, the Greek band of Barcelona par excellence that made us travel with its magnetic Hellenic rhythms through different parts of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The second and emotional episode of the night came from the hand of Ex Auro, the versatile project of the Hungarian dancer Maria Keck and the Slovenian pianist Tomaz Pacnik, an impressive formation that draws from various sources of traditional sounds from around the planet that, with structures jazz and flamenco airs, they left enthralled the audience.

To complete the poster of the 4th edition of Babel Nights Barcelona, the warm rhythms of Barcelona's Calima, one of the most prestigious mestizo bands of our time that allowed us to walk and dance through different musical landscapes with their wonderful compositions in which the rumba and other gypsies airs are the common thread of his repertoire.

Closing the event, as usual, magnificent jam session with all the artists on stage to cheerfully dismiss an audience more than satisfied with the evening.

See pictures of the evening in our Facebook gallery HERE.

(Jordi Garcia / Deménsenllá)