Our WOMEX 2018 in pics

WOMEX went far. This year it was held on Gran Canaria. Good - for the nice weather and exotic place, not so good for the wallet :-)


The Hungarian, Chilean and the Sicilian tell stories about Babel Sound festival. The African guy prefers cheese.

Narrator Records, Babel Arts, and Babel Sound had a lot of important meetings here. We all are looking forward to seeing the results!


Gran Canaria is very far. You go with a big airplane, then change to a small one.

Full moon. The sea. Good concerts. WOMEX at Canarian Islands.

There was a lot of good food and good wine at our stands. And a lot of good business ;-)


The Hungarian, the Chilean, and the Sicilian are telling stories about Babel Sound Festival. The African prefers cheese :-)

We had many important meetings this year. Looking forward to seeing the results.