Heida Björg and the Kaos - Inspiration

Another exciting collaboration released by the Budapest based Narrator Records. Heida, born in Island, recently moved from Casablanca to Paris. She sings on this record on her native language as well as English, Hebrew, and French. Real world music! The album is out NOW, the release concert was held last Saturday in Paris with great success!

Heida about the album:

 I've been in music since I was 6 years old, playing classical music, jazz and then world music, but at no time did I thought I could compose my own music. Today I know that it was a real lack of confidence, which is still there a bit. At the same time when I think about my what my first clarinet teacher told me few 20 years ago, I was often asked myself what you were was playing as you often continued the little classical song and I realized you were inspired by the song and you just continued playing! Well, apparently I was already on my own moon 8 years old. 

For a long time, as a teenager,  I didn’t really realize that these lines that were spinning in my head were actually a little composition. When I realize that, it took me a while to get the courage to work on the sequels for these lines. The moon has always attracted me, in a mysterious way, and of course especially the full moon, so I frequently looked up and asked the moon for advice. 

The song Inspiration is about this in-between period when I was filling me up of confidence and giving me all the chances to find my own inspiration. But where does the inspiration come from? Is this my inspiration from me? Or the moon? A the end I went to the moon and found it at the bottom of magic and beautiful tree. What a joy to be filled with inspiration and let the pen flow get overflowed! In the end, I realize that I didn’t have to seek, it comes, it was just a matter of letting go, to trust, to dear and welcome what comes. Thereafter it took a while not to be ashamed to show it, unfinished, and share thoughts and ideas, for a perfectionist, it was not easy. This is where I remembered since I was little, when I lose something, I accept not finding it right away, and I let go really easily. Then I just started to organize and clean the area where I lost the object and hop all of a sudden, as, by chance, it’s in front of me. I would say that it is a quality and a defect at the same time. For my husband he loses something ... he puts all his energy in finding that object no matter what! And in fact, he finds it too! We could say that we are complementary then! 


So I went to put an order in my emotions, my ideas, my prejudices, my fears, my energy ...there it came, I opened up and the inspiration came! The song "Inspiration" was made and then the whole album Inspiration!


Check Heida’s new video made on one song from the new album:


The album is available from last weekend on all major platforms. Listen to it HERE