‘Yes’ - Naked on the 11th place on World Music Charts Europe!

Once a month radio-Worldmusic-specialists from twenty-four European countries select their individual top favorites out of current worldmusic releases from their playlists and mail them to Berlin. The nominations are processed in a database and the top 20 is then published as the WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE

Producers and presenters who are running a regular Worldmusic program in a legal FM radio network in Europe are admitted to the jury (called "The Panel").

The charts are played throughout Europe in various radio stations. The official color print is displayed in many shops. The top ten is reprinted regularly in various countries and displayed on plenty websites. In July this year, Naked went up to the prestigious 11th place. There is a first time that Narrator Records’ release got on a high position in the WMCE. Congratulations to the label and to the band