Vertigo Collective

The band evolved from the Gergely Pázmándi Trio, formed in early 2020, following the influence of the recording opportunity offered as special prize at the Babel Laureate World Jazz Competition. While PGT's core line-up fuses the soundscapes of contemporary jazz and Eastern European folk music in its own compositions, the band's affinity for authentic folk music has always been a major factor.

The trio first worked with Helga Debreczeni-Kis, multi-instrumentalist folk musician, during the recording process. Just as the band gravitates towards authentic folk music, Helga can roam into exciting territory when she encounters jazz improvisation and contemporary harmonies.

The artistic relationship and friendship that developed during the recording sessions encouraged the musicians to continue working together in a permanent formation. It was at this point that they adopted the name Vertigo Collective. The new line-up continues to focus on musical fusion, but with a greater emphasis on authentic folk music. Helga's contribution will broaden the palette of instrumentation, in addition to the stylistic features of the music she brings to life. The orchestra's aim is to cultivate and keep alive the tradition of Hungarian and Eastern-European folk music in a creative and personal musical environment, which respects the past and is not forced to compromise at the expense of the present.



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