Napfonat Hungary

Female a cappella band

Unity, circle, polyphony, rhythm, harmony, mindfulness, depth, subtle and varied womanhood…

Napfonat (transl.: Sun-braid or solar plexus), female a cappella band was formed in early spring 2018, by young women connected by the love of singing and sharing joy of the soul. Napfonat adapts the folk songs of different cultures and ethnicities and transforms them into unique polyphonic arrangements. The young and dynamic female a cappella band, with members coming from different cultural backgrounds, present their own compositions and arrangements of traditional Hungarian, Slovak, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Gypsy folk songs to wide festival audiences, strengthening the awareness of togetherness and cross-cultural dialogue, as well as the immense soulful and healing power of the human voice. Their first album was released in 2021 by Hangvető Records.

Napfonat band members/singers: Krisztina Farkas (Volkova) (Russian roots), Henrietta Szalay (Hungarian, raised and educated in Slovakia and Czech Republic), Anita Szarka (coming from Transylvania), Eszter Tóth (Hungarian) and Orsi Tóth (Hungarian).



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