Heida Björg France

Remember this name: Heiða ! Heiða Björg! It sounds like something from an Icelandic saga. Heiða: a singer and clarinetist, a sensitive, powerful, gentle timbre with no holds barred, sparkling with a hoard of musical treasures accumulated along the way. Heiða Björg & the Kaos; this is music in motion, a constant dialogue between instruments and voice, wandering, creating, composing. Just like the volcanic, exotic letter ð, this group too will never be “just another band”.  

The ð, is the taste of the North, of Iceland, the island overflowing with so much fire and lava that the surplus sheds onto the rest of the continent. In 2004, bursting with energy and Nordic beauty, Heiða washed up on the shores of Normandy, thence heading to Paris. Here she found herself at the crossroads of klezmer music, the music of Eastern Europe and of weddings and celebrations. Tunes that mark the passing of time and of lifetimes; of joy, hope, sometimes sorrows and nostalgia. She formed her first band in 2006. 

Halfway between Reykjavík and Odessa, Klezmer Kaos was the perfect mix of talented musicians set on getting the party started. An odyssey of nine years klezmerously undertaken by a group full of a natural momentum...

At the same time, Heiða was yearning to introduce new colors into the musical palate of Klezmer Kaos. With just a pinch of rock, of electro and a guitar, a spirited creative space, and a new formation emerged from the shimmering Kaos : Heiða Björg & the Kaos. Same musicians, same festive energy but with more vocal compositions and a repertoire that is even more personal, resolute, more rock, more electro, more jazz, not to mention the “world” music sound taking you even further than before...



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