Golosa La Orquesta Chile

Golosa La Orquesta was born in 2012 with its first rehearsals, playing in the bars of the city where they reside to this day, Santiago de Chile. At the end of 2014 they released their first self-titled album, in which they taked rythms from the early twentieth century: mambos, boleros, chachachá and others from Latin American popular music. In March 2016 they released their first video clip “La vida enloquece”, with a EP of the same name.

In 2017 they begin their internationalization career with participation in the Copehaguen International Jazz Fest (Denmark), Nibe Festival (Denmark) and Babel Sound Festival (Hungary).

In those festivals they had the opportunity to share the lineup with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Brian Adams, among others.

In 2018, Golosa la Orquesta released their second album “Sobre la Ciudad”, an album that seeks to take a leap into the band's work. Recorded in one of the best studios in Chile "Estudio del Sur", the album was nominated for the Pulsar Awards 2019 (top Chilean music awards) and features the outstanding participation of Argentine singer-songwriter Kevin Johansen and other guest musicians.

In order to promote this album, a second European tour is carried out during 2018, with a focus mainly on folk and worldmusic festivals: Hungary "Babel Sound festival", Slovenia "Floting Castel", Italy "Alkantara Fest", among others. They return to Chile and organize together with Piukuk the first Conciencia Festival, a World Music and Biodanza festival that takes place in the heart of the Andes with Chilean and Danish bands.

In 2019, they released their third album “Radioescuchas Conscientes”. A live album recorded audiovisually, with the aim of showing the band's staging at different international festivals, which opens doors for them to carry out a third tour in 2019, “Sobrelaciudad Tour2019” where they perform 25 concerts in a month, opening to new countries: Serbia, Holland, Germany, among other concerts, spaces and festivals linked to folk and world music. They maked the second version of Consiencia Festival with more than 10 bands in 2 stages.

In 2020 they participated in 4 outstanding Chilean festivals: XIX Festival of World Music of the Counts, Woodstaco, Pichidegua Festival, Santiago OFF. Upon arrival of the pandemic, the recording of 3 singles had to be postponed, and a fourth European tour, managed by the Babel Arts Agency (Hungary) and Piukuk (Chile), which had 22 concerts, and which would open the doors for us to four new countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Austria and again Italy, Slovenia, Holland, Hungary and Germany.

Despite everything, 2020 was an active year of learning in the midst of the pandemic, 6 different audiovisuals were invited to direct and edit, 6 videos of our songs in “quarantine” version, where 13 guest musicians from Chile-Argentina-France-Austria-Spain participated. With this material they participated digitally in the "Festival Ser Mestizo" (Chile), “Fiesta de los Claveles” (Grandola-Portugal), a sample of the Babel Sound Festival (Hungary), the Chilean cycle in "Music Of Americas" (New York), being in different cultural centers, and Chilean government programs for Chilean.

Months later they maked the first season of the program "Golosa TV, Histories after a song”. During 5 chapters, 11 groups from different parts of our country, linked to Latin American folk and fusion, were invited to talk about one of their songs.

In 2021, THEY returned to the stage with a streaming show for the Peñalolen World Music Festival and other digital festivals. They are currently releasing their next single and video clip in collaboration with Chilean Musician Nano Stern.



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