Cirkusz-KA Band Hungary

The sensuality of Hungarian Folk Songs, with the energy of Balkan Gypsy Tango, born of their cultural roots, native Hungary.

Anna Szlávics and Tamás Rock are a singer-songwriting duo from Budapest leading their band, called Cirkusz-KA. Since 2006 they have been creating their “Dream-Worldmusic” songs, born of their cultural roots in native Hungarian heritage and inspired by the diversity of various music influences of their region, adding a flavour of jazz. In 2009 they became troubadours and from that moment, they have taken their intimate acoustic music to various stages in Europe. They have received a multitude of awards in their careers in their home country, and in foreign countries.

They have been working as a quartet since 2012 and have performed at several international festivals.


Cirkusz-KA Band
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Cirkusz-KA Band
Városi Mese
NarRator Records


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