Amir Gwirtzman Israel

Amir Gwirtzman is a musician hailing from Israel known for his mastery of wind instruments from around the globe. He was a member of the Israeli band Esta for more than 20 years, touring internationally and performing on notable stages including New York City’s Blue Note, Los Angeles’ House of Blues, Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center, Esta performed at the White House for President Bill Clinton in honor of Israel’s 50th Anniversary.

In November 2009, Amir began his solo project Inhale-Exhale, performing alone on a stage surrounded by more than twenty wind instruments, included the saxophone family, clarinets, Scottish Highland bagpipes, Egyptian argul, Middle Eastern ney, Armenian duduk, pan-Asian zorna, and flutes from around the globe. Orchestrating these instruments together to make a multi-cultural musical tapestry, Amir creates a metaphor for our globalized world – bringing different cultures together to make an exciting, multi-layered whole.

Amir’s unique sound has been influenced by a career that has taken him from Israel to many sites around the world. He is inspired by sounds of many cultures.

November 2010, he released his debut solo album Inhale-Exhale.

In May of 2017 he released new solo album, Babel Gumbo by NarRator records.

Amir constructs an ensemble sound for most of his songs, instantly recording one instrumental part atop another until the music crescendos into a propulsive blend of rhythm, melody and harmony.


Amir Gwirtzman
Babel Gumbo
NarRator Records
Amir Gwirtzman
Tel-Aviv Museum of Art


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